Would you like to have more free time with your family and get paid to eat?

There are so many reasons to become a Thrive Life Consultant:


  • Work around YOUR schedule!


  • Very low start-up cost: The Consultant kits start at $129, and are chock full of food and supplies! Consultant Kits also have free shipping anywhere in the contiguous US! Half priced shipping to Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska & Hawaii.


  • Continuing costs also low: $50 delivery required each month (although I recommend at least $100 so you get free shipping on that too, by same rules as the Kit above) to stay at Consultant status through Director rank, highest requirement of personal purchases is $150 monthly for the top rank: Emerald! (By then that’s a drop in the bucket!)


  • Fast Track bonuses for new Consultants help slingshot your business and get your Home Store started!


  • Free and half price groceries for you and your family! Then you will know the joy of eating Simple. Clean. Food. and it’s so easy to share!


  • Work at your own pace, level up if and when you want, no pressure!


  • Commissions starting at 5% , even on your own personal purchases!


  • Bonuses for meeting certain goals, which are not hard to attain!


  • Simple Plate Meal Kit or Grocery Deliveries make it so easy to build up residual income!


  • Host Specials most months make it even easier to book Tasting Events, which jack up your sales (and commissions)!


  • Store up food long term for emergencies, which also saves $ by avoiding last minute shopping trips where you would end up impulse-buying.


  • Very friendly and helpful Consultant community help you succeed!


  • Other bonuses: Fantasy Getaway trips you can earn by meeting goals and ranking up! The last one was to Aruba…


  • I will train you and support you all the way! I won’t be successful unless you are!


  • Conventions each year help pump us up and give us everything we need to excel!


  • The company is wonderful! The founders, Consultants, Conventions, Leadership training, all so real!


  • Thriving Nations! Our own charity where 5% of our income is put into helping people in various countries! Many Consultants and customers also donate more by giving the change up to next dollar amount of their order! I know, because I do!

See Consultant Beginner Kits

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