What is a Thrive Fan?

Thrive Life Fans are the VIP’s of Thrive Life. These are the perks:

  • Get 10% of your total sales in Free Food

    When you host a Tasting Event you get 10% of the total of sales in Free Fan benefits! This includes your own order! And there is no minimum to get this perk!

  • Delivery orders count as triple amount for your sales total

    Any Delivery order including 3 deliveries within 90 days (yours or a guest’s) will count x3 toward your total sales! Say Jenny places a Delivery order for $50 every 2 weeks. Her order will count as $150 toward your total sales for free and half-off food goals!

  • Half-off Food

    For every Fan who books a Tasting Event through your Tasting, you will get $100 in Half-Off benefits! You also get more Half-Off for reaching sales goals! Chart showing the sales goals is available on the Plan your Tasting Event page below.

  • Free Shipping

    When you sign up as a Preferred Customer, you will get free shipping on all Preferred items! Just look for the Preferred Item icon (blue cube) next to qualifying products. Free shipping is only valid in the contiguous US.  Shipping for Preferred Customers in Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is half off the former pricing.

  • Double Dip

    If you have already placed an order at another Fan’s Tasting, you can count that order in your sales total also! For example, you attended Debbi’s Tasting and started a Delivery of $100 per month for 3 months. You are eligible for $30 in free food right there! Plus anything you or your guests order at your Tasting!

    We even have a printable sheet that helps you prepare for a successful Event!

Become a Fan!

There are two ways:

Host a physical Tasting Event.
This is easy! The food sells itself when people see it made in front of their own eyes!


Host a book/online Event.
This is not as easy to do, as the food sells itself when people see it make and taste it, but I can send out samples too.

Plan your Tasting Event!

Questions?  Check our FAQ for the answers, or contact me!


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