Freeze Dried Ice Cream Snackies

freeze-dried cookies & cream ice cream bites

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Snackies

This is a special item, available only during the Black Friday Sale, and I will have to order it for you from my back office. Please contact me as soon as possible if you want it! Available while supplies last, so order early! I can order it for you on 11/21/2017.

Get paid like me to eat healthy food!

      Right now, I have a promo for new consultants who join my team during October 2017:  I will give you a free 4-person Simple Plate meal of your choice when you complete your sign up as a consultant! *

Our frequent Host promotions make it easier to book tasting events for the food, which sells itself when they taste it and see how easy it is to prepare!

We have 2 big sales each year with deep discounts, one is coming up next month!

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*This offer is not a Thrive Life company offer, it is a special offer by me only, as an Independent Contractor for Thrive Life.


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Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bites Snackies

So you can get the best value for your dollar, we have Monthly Specials  with an average savings of 30%, and we also are having a Flash Sale today only for Boxing Day. Here is the link to the Flash Sale where all 5 items are 25% off!


Current Promotions

Boxing Day Flash Sale

24 Hour Flash Sale!    December 26, 2017, Until 11:59 pm MST Only!

All 5 items 25% off!

FREEZE DRIED Seasoned Chicken Slices
Retail price:  $63.69    SALE PRICE: $41.39

Retail price:  $25.79   SALE PRICE:  $20.69

FREEZE DRIED Sausage Crumbles
Retail price:  $64.89   SALE PRICE:  $51.99

FREEZE DRIED Whole Strawberries
Retail price:  $33.79    SALE PRICE:   $27.09

FREEZE DRIED Cheddar Cheese
Retail price:  $56.59     SALE PRICE:   $45.19

Boxing Day Pantry Can Pack
Boxing Day Flash Sale Pack
Includes a pantry size can of each item above
Retail Price: $100.55    SALE PRICE: $75.29   

Order Pantry or Family size Pack

Party pricing for customers purchasing at tastings, on the Delivery Service, or through a Consultant website.  Sale runs Dec. 26 from 12:00am to 11:59pm MST while supplies last.

January 2018 Thrive Life Host Promotion

Diabetic Information for Thrive Life Foods

Thrive foods and white dishes

Did you know that almost all of our food ingredients have no added sugar! Our labels show all nutrition information, which makes it easy to tell if it will fit in with your diet, just like foods in any other grocery stores.

(A couple of foods that do have added sugar are the Sweetened Cranberries, and the Yogurt and Coconut Bites Snackies.)

Here are some testimonials of actual consumers of Thrive Life foods:

I’m a diabetic and when I cook with Thrive, my fasting sugars are always lower! I also was able to drop my a1c from 8.2 to 6.9 in a three month period by incorporating the foods not only in meals but also as snacks. I get the crunch and sweetness I crave from fruits and veggies instead of chips. They are easy to take in any amount I need to get through the day. I love making different combinations even mixing the fruits and veggies. The beet, carrot, and spinach crisps are so awesome as well!! The yogurt bites are also a favorite.”  -DWG

“Very diabetic friendly! All the foods are actually measureable (1 cup of apples vs. approximately a cup). My ex was diabetic. I would premeasure fruits & veggies then label the containers with the grams of carbs & protein.”  -AE

” My husband is diabetic. Has been for about 20 years… The most important thing to remember is, it is food. Pineapple is still pineapple! If they need to limit it fresh, it won’t be different with Thrive. More convenient but nothing changes. My husband loves the corn but he can’t have all he wants. Peas, potatoes, and some of the fruits spike his blood sugar. He loves the berries as they are low glycemic and fresh isn’t always available. The express meals are limited but they are great with a salad. He just can’t eat as much as he wants without looking at the calories, carbs and fat content.” -LD

” I speak as a diabetic and my A1C has come down to 6.4. (From 11, in 3 months). Quinoa is a much better choice than pasta. But if yo sub in Dreamfields pasta to the pasta dishes, you will get much better glycemic response. No difference in taste but they use an ingredient from white kidney beans that somehow binds the starch molecules. They used to put it on the box that it is 8 net effective carbs, compared to 40 in other pastas. They quit putting it in there because not every person is the same. So you need to check BG a couple hours after eating it to see how it affects your blood sugar. Even with Dreamfields and quinoa, though, a person with diabetes has to still be responsible with their carb intake and accept their limitations. I can eat one reasonable serving of the quinoa dishes but not pile up my plate, as I was prone to doing before diabetes. How Thrive has really saved me is that I choose some of the products I might not otherwise consider for snacking. For instance, I like the dry cauliflower very much as an evening snack, rather than chips or popcorn. Also the butternut squash is a great snack negligible carbs on both. I can eat a cup of any of the fruits for approx 50 calories. The freeze drying process makes them have that same yummy crunch as chips, but not the same greasy carbs. Its a process figuring it out, but worth it. I’ve even lost a few pounds.” -DH