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Right now, we have a promo for new consultants:  A free can of each, Summer Limeade, and Classis Lemonade mixes!   

Our Host promotions make it easier to book tasting events for the food, which sells itself when they taste it!

For this month, it is $200 – free Family Can of Instant Quinoa, $1,000 – free Pulled Pork Pack, $2,000 – free Variety Can Organizer!!!Host Promotion ending July 21, 2017

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Host Promotion until July 21, 2017!

Host Promotion ending July 21, 2017

Host a tasting event and you can get these benefits on top of the 10% of sales in FREE FOOD!!!  (Ends July 21st, 2017)

Download the flyer for full details:

For $200 in sales:  Free Family size can of the NEW Instant Quinoa, value !  Instant Quinoa - freeze dried

For $1,000 in sales:  Free Pulled Pork Pack, value $100!  

For $2,000 in sales:  Free Variety can unit, value $299!  Pantry Organizer - variety cans


Join the new Food Revolution!

At the time of World War II, the food industry was revolutionized with food in …. cans!

Then, around the 1950’s, they found out you could freeze food in ready to eat meals…TV dinners!

In the 70’s and 80’s the big thing was Fast Food, but not so good for you….

Now, there is Freeze Dried food from Thrive Life, which is healthy, tasty, easy to store (even long term), quick to prepare, and helps other countries with their food issues, a program called Thriving Nations.

Let me show you how to Live Long and Prosper with Thrive Life!

Join the Food Revolution with me and Take Back Dinnertime!